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We Are Automatic Gate Specialists, Adhering To Current Legislation.

In the age of instant access to information, promotion and offers, all most anything can be purchased on-line. Unfortunately not everything should be accessible so freely without adequate knowledge or training.

Automatic electric powered gates are built from numerous components, supplied by many different companies both within the UK and abroad. For clarity and to identify the many thousands of potential parts, each system’s description is classified into the following main headings: civil and building works; physical element (gates, support post & furniture); operators, motors & controller; command, safety and miscellaneous equipment; communications and surveillance; associated items such as lighting, letterbox etc. Because of all of these systems, electric gates can be the cause of many health and safety issues if used incorrectly. Here at Gate-A-Mation, we ensure that we always meet all of the correct automatic gate legislation requirements.

From 2000 all powered gate systems are legally identified as ‘In-Situ machines’ and are governed under the European Machinery Directive. This directive incorporates many British & European Standards that all need adhering too, when designing, installing, maintaining and repairing any installation.

Since 2006 more and more serious incidents involving powered gates have resulted in tragic legal convictions with more people caught up, putting them as well as our industry in jeopardy.

Only consumable type products should be available on-line and it is our recommendation that all other items are discouraged from unauthorised, untrained personnel. It is strongly recommended that only qualified engineers with adequate experience are used on any work required.

The position we take is for owner protection as much as good practice, with owners having a legal responsibility to ensure their in-situ machine (gate system) continues to be safe and they can prove it has been maintained by competent, qualified engineers.


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What most people want from a service company, is service and when it comes to it, real results, Seven-days a week. Not just 24-hour response, but a qualified engineering team, that can fix the problem, with working parts, nearly always necessary to be carried out in clear daylight.

The equipment manufacturers are not usually open at week-ends or out-of-hours, but we can already have your parts in stock, for same or even next day support. By choosing open sourced controls and equipment, you are assured of the fastest replacement service available.


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